Photography, as a way of observing and searching for meaning in this world, has been a source of fascination to me for the last thirty years. It started with nature photography and later on, my lens ventured into landscapes and man; the ways in which they interact and the possibility of exploring the photographic image and thereby expand the possible ways of seeing reality. The lectures are designed for the public at large, allowing to see photography as a tool of raising awareness to environmental and human issues, a way of generating public discourse about their various aspects.



Touching the Light
A lecture designed for all lovers of photography and for those who wish to rediscover the thrill of the Israeli landscapes. Shai Ginott shares experiences, sights and musings that have been part of her photographic process from 1982 to date. She explores the creative process as a mentor, as well as the power to regenerate and focus; mankind meets nature; light and shadow as demonstrated in images; photography as a way of elevating our observation of both small details and the wider picture, and photography inspired by nature.






Family Album
Designed for anyone fascinated by family albums.
The lecture explores the choices incorporated into photo albums and family albums; photography and observation as a driving force, therapeutic tool and a way of life. We shall look into the act of borrowing of items from the photo album to use in the family album and vice versa, and review visual language concepts in light of everyday life; the image assembled and dissembled, connection and communication.
The lecture is complete with photographs from personal family albums and photo albums.








Muse in Jerusalem
A lecture designed for Jerusalem Day, holidays and weekdays and for anyone interested in seeing Jerusalem through Shai Ginott’s eyes.
“Jerusalem is interlocked by its houses and divided by its people” (Shmuel Yoseph Agnon)
This is a photo-journey in the wake of followers of the three faiths, tracing prayers, tolerance and the convergence of faith and media; a study in inspiration and creation, the experience of photographing and the freedom to see, as well as a review of the key and its role; gates and openings; thoughts, experiences and doubts, inspired by the book A Place in the Heart: Jerusalem.









Going your Way, my Way
A lecture about the enigma that is Autism; a glimpse into the world of an autistic girl, through her mother’s eyes. The lecture was first delivered in the UN on April 2012, as part of the World Autism Awareness Week. The lecture is dedicated to the motherhood experience, discovering the power of photography as a way of observing autism; the visibility of everyday life, integration into society, sources of power and difficulties, the empowering force of photography and creation; photography as a communicative and informative tool, a mean of raising awareness to the world of autistic people and their families.







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